exploring harif

lately i've taken to eating a roll in the morning because i wasn't eating breakfast and figured i should add something, and remembered that the gemara (I happened to learn it in the hok l'yisrael so i can't quote an exact source) says that it is healthy and beneficial in a number of ways to eat bread in the morning. so, once i'm eating bread, i figured i'd have some humus with it. And, once I was picking up some humus from the local makolet, so why not pick up some schug (no idea how to spell this very harif red yemenite stuff).. lately i've been getting in touch w/ my sefaradi roots more when i found out that spicy food really does taste better (no kidding, my grandfather was right.. if u start eating spicy food everything else tastes bland afterwards.. i can't go back to just bread & hummus, the hummus tastes like butter (or somethign else mostly tasteless) without something harif to go with it).. anyways, i'm enjoying it because it makes you feel like you are fighting for your life.. challenging your body to survive every day.. yummm. Well, yesterday i kinda overdid it on the schug.. but it was still good.. then whoever it was that prepared my lunch yesterday @ burgerNet decided that i didn't have nearly enouh harif in my diet and was very generous.. for the rest of the day my stomach was threatening heartburn.. i survived :) but it's fun to find my limits... guess now I understand about people who really like harif but say it's bad for their stomache.. in the quantities i eat it, it's just really nice.. kinda the same way i consume alcohol. everything in reasonable quantities adds to the experience :)
ps. sorry for the boring post..


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