It's all good

There's a curious passage in the parasha this past week: God tells Avraham, our forefather, that his children will be like this. in context it means 'as numerous as the stars'. in it's deeper context God tells Avraham, koh will be your offspring. the word koh, meaning 'like this', the zohar explains is the source of beracha (blessing), and it comes from the side/source of might and judgement. This is also the source of all suffering and hardship. The next passage is quite confusing, it says "and he believed in God, and he took it to be a kindness." The literal meaning of the passage is: "And Avraham believed in God, and God counted it as a kindness of Avraham." The zohar explains: "Avraham believed in God, and Avraham thought even this was a kindness from God--not a harsh decree or a judgement." even though his children would come from the source of suffering, he chose to see it as a kindness on God's part. he chose to be an optimist. essentially Avraham was the first person to have faith that "it's all good."


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