touch (shema)

elul 25 5765
an old insight of mine rehashed from the vantage of today:
the first perek of shema is about awakening a deep love and awareness of the one-ness of God.
the second perek takes that desire and channels it into things with continuity, mitzwoth, (acts of kindness) and compares these things to the metaphor of planting and harvesting produce.
the third perek draws those actions to their very ends (related to tzitzit-strands that hang off the ends of the corners of the garment) deep into the world, ending finally in God raising us out of the depths in a revellation/realization of the one-ness of God--the redemption from Egypt.
(this is a transition from na'aseh to nishma--first we awaken an awareness within us, and then God reveals it, manifest.--this mirrrors the very creation of the world.)

we have a mitzwah to recite the shema twice daily--to remind us of these instructions.


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