touch (responsibility)

25 av 5765
the maor eynayim brings the phrase from chazal "da mah l'maalah mimcha" (lit. "know what is above you") and explains it's deeper meaning: "know that what is above you, is from you." (mimcha has the alternative meaning of 'from you') he explains the meaning of these words: the arousal from below brings about the arousal from above. God's attributes are waiting to be awakened by your awakening those same attributes within you. i take away from this: if you look for strife in the world, you will find strife in your world. if you share love in your world, you will find the world full of love. and it is true for everything: patience, stress, hostility etc. [incidentally, this is the rebuttal to the argument put forward in the beginning of plato's republic.]


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