touch (hidush--hence a little longer than usual)

before man (aleph daleth mem) is created, the passuk (bereishith 2:6) says and a mist/dew (will) rise up over the land. the word for dew/mist is spelled aleph daleth. i always wondered why the first part of the name man (*aleph daleth* mem) was said to rise up on the land prior to his creation. a week or two ago, my rav told me that the yetzer harah (the evil inclination) is purified through our overcoming it, and the mem from its name (i refrain from mentioning the name because we don't say it (although it's usually abbreviated samech"mem)) is removed, and then the resulting name is the source of the three crowns with which we are crowned: kingship, priesthood, torah. so the language of the passuk, with this in mind, makes more sense. the aleph daleth of man will rise up, when the evil inclination is cleansed, when the mem is removed. at which point, all that is left, aleph daleth has the same gematria as the letter heh. teshuva, hassiduth teaches us, is teshuv-heh, returning the final heh to the name hashem (the tetragramaton). so even before man is created, our role here is clearly described--our essence is in our name.


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