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"i don't care what you smell get in there" -obscure quote only there for saddy
yeah i know there are all the google conspiracy theories, and mad paranoia (that's why i had to put a starwars quote into the post to get people to read on) but personal search is awesome.. i move from machine to machine and to all of a sudden realize i can look back @ all the things i've ever searched for and then visited.. it's like getting my own lil window on info google already has on me anyways.. and as nice as the tagged web is blah blah del.icio.us del.icio.us etc etc .. it's still a pain to have to tag things.. that ~1.5 second delay annoys me.. and bookmarking stuff never works.. i switch computers/browsers/accts too often to ever remember any o them.

imho gps (google personal search) is a good thing.

and as a logical disproof of the google conspiracy: plenty of the world believes the jews are running some big conspiracy to control the world--i know they aren't. So if that conspiracy theory is false, it follows that all conspiracy theories are false. oh no! what if a real conspiracy floats fake conspiracy theories to make people believe there are no conspiracy theories!?! (can you tell i'm overtired? i feel like i'm acting like a stupid teenager)


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