SWWWarm Server

I was reading a ridiculous article about the lightest-ever flying webserver and potential military applications when I thought to myself: "Why would the military want to make web-servers ubiquitous when there might be a better way to do things than the web-model." That's when i began to think of web-servers as simply file-sharing servers. That's all they really are, you request a file and you get it--if it exists. There is the added bonus that you can request an executable file with some input and you get the results of the execution instead of the executable file.

The main strength of web-servers lie in distribution of files. So i thought, if you combine many small web-servers in any kind of network, the arbitrary limitation of a webserver is that you have a single source for the file you want. Instead apply the bitTorrent method of swarming files from all available hosts directly to the wwwebserver. Now you have a wwwebserver with built in swarming capability. When you request a file, it arrives from all available sources as quickly as possible. Now for something kewel: If you request an executable file with some input. Whenever that execution is parallelizable, you get the data swarmed from many sources who process it in parallel.

This would be a better infrastructure for the wwweb in general. On top of this, building the WorldWideFoam would be not only much easier, but more fun.


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