Virii and worry

i recently bought a new PC laptop(compaq R3240US) .. barely overcoming my growing desire to buy a PowerBook instead. i'm actually thrilled with the machine, great resolution on the wide screen and plenty of power... but i'm only just realizing how pervasive virii are nowadays and how exposed one is by using Microsoft products. I mean i alreadu use FireFox and Thunderbird and would never touch Outlook and rarely even IE, except when it is needed. But still, somehow shockingly i've contracted a virus or two in the past couple of days.. i dont use AV software, because i dont want to pay for it and because i don't think it's really up to snuff, plus the lag time it takes to scan everything just annoys me.
at this point i either need to switch to linux or sell my laptop and buy an apple PowerBook.. (the preferrable option)
grr stupid virii..

all of this brings to mind a thought i had a long time ago.. one that's still true today: we can't worry about every threat that constantly promises danger to ourselves or our posessions.. if we did, we wouldn't be able to function. ironically i'm more affraid of turning on my laptop in central jerusalem for fear of contracting a virus over the free wireless network than i am of walking around central jerusalem and being blown up by a suicide bomber.. weird no?


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