seeding fields

in the second perek of the shema, the idea is to focus on serving God by fulfilling his will, namely the 613 commandments. this is what i've learned, but the perek itself talks about sewing fields and reaping harvests, and the same mitzwoth that were already mentioned in the perek prior. this morning it made more sense to me. performing mitzwoth, ie. God's will, is a long term job; just like a harvest, nothing happens in a day, it takes a cycle of seasons before one may appreciate the fruits of one's labor. during those seasons you aren't off on other ventures, you are busy plowing, sewing, harvesting, etc etc etc. so too with mitzwoth. you need to plan and work and toil to bring your mitzwoth to fruition. after all, in gan eden, the mitzwoth that we did in this world are food for our souls.


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